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September 28, 2001- The Vicious Murder of
Zoltan 'Zeus' Kiss
$60,000 REWARD
                                      My Only Child
                         Viciously Murdered!
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       My Letter: To The ' Murderer's' - Ran In It's Entirety - In The CT. Post
                                On Saturday, September 27, 2003
         The 'Unsolved' Vicious Murder of Zoltan 'Zeus' Kiss, on Pembroke Street,
                                                 on September 28, 2001.
  To The Animals That Murdered My Only Child - Zoltan 'Zeus' Kiss: who took away all  hopes and dreams
   for my parents and I:  who HURT my only child:

  I will live to see the day that you are caught, and punished justly for what you have done.
  This child was my life, I lived and breathed for the day I would see him again.
  In a heartbeat,  you took that all away,  I only hope, that my child did not suffer, and died  instantly, though I
  fear and know,  that he knew he had been shot,  that you were going to shoot him, and that he was  
  scared, if only I hope: for a split second, and never felt the rest of the bullets, that you fired into his
  precious body.
  I will never hold my Son again, see his future wife, or hold his child: my Grandchild.
  Do you have any idea: what emptiness is, what it feels like to be destitute, to feel  hollowness: do you
  even care?
  Someone who was liked, who was loved, and you MURDERED My Child: because you could: because
  you had the 'big' gun, because you were and still are: a menace and a threat to everything - decent!
  My child will never see the sun rise, never see a butterfly - fly, never see the stars at night.
  He will never see anything, because you are Vicious, Callous, Evil and you Destroy. You create
  devastation. You Cripple, Maim, and Destroy Families, because it is 'fun'.
  My Son was leaving to go home. Why could you not let him go home? Do you have any idea whatsoever,
  can you even fathom - what it feels like: to receive the dreaded phone call,  every parent hopes they never
  get: 'that your child has been Murdered, your child is not coming home, that you will never see your child -
  I live for the day, that you are apprehended, I live for the day, that you receive the
  as you have given my parents and I.
  I live for the day you receive -
  You hide 'behind' a weapon, a gun that destroys, but who are you without this?  Nothing!
  Worthless piece of scum, gutter sewer rats - I call you.
  There were a lot of people there the night my child was Murdered.  Do you have no sense  of decency at
  all?  You are all cowards!  Would you not call upon some of these people: to come forward: if it was 
  ' YOUR' child who had been Murdered, yet you all go to sleep at  night, and cower under your blankets,
  and hope no one comes to ask you -
'What You Saw That Fateful Night - the night of September 28, 2001'.
  I beg and I plead, will someone not come forward to the Bridgeport Police Department -Homicide Bureau,
  and assist the Detectives with making an arrest for the Vicious Murder/Assassination of My Only Child -
  Zoltan 'Zeus' Kiss???????
  Born: June 11, 1977   - 1:27p.m.     Murdered - September 28, 2001 -  at 3:15a.m.     
  To the sperm donor - who cared only about himself:
May You Rot In Hell, and Never Have A Moments
  Peace!  May Your Son's Face and Voice:  Haunt You For The Rest Of Your Miserable Life.

  Eva Kiss, Zolika's Mom.
  In Memory of September 28, 2001, 3:15 a.m., the day my life ended - FOREVER!
E-Mail: eletem@can.rogers.com

This 2001 Silver Honda Accord EX, belonged to my Son's girlfriend.
It was also the vehicle my child was gunned-down in.
This is a face I hope you all remember:
           for the Rest of Your Lives.
  This is how my child looked: at the
          Medical Examiner's Office.